Nobody told me about the iOS undo button

This is what I get for drafting all my stories outside of Medium.


My new normal for a while has been this — I’m hunched over my bedside at 12pm, jotting down ideas for forthcoming stories on the Notes app of my iPhone. The ideas weren’t particularly flowing today, but all was well.

Until I accidentally deleted a mammoth of a paragraph.

I like to think of myself as being an inordinately careful typist, so that threw me. The surprise turned to shock when I reached for the Notes undo button and… there was none. My Thursday was off to the races.

As I later found out, iOS has a built-in, universal undo feature. I’m less annoyed now about deleting my work than about the fact the remedy was hidden in plain sight.

(And yes, there’s a redo button for the undecideds)

I don’t know the ratio of Android to iPhone users out there, but hopefully this ramble helps at least one of you.

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